We are one of Malaysian Esports and Gaming Community who are in the best interest of new achivement with some of the finest talent in Malaysia.

How was Wadap Gang Created?

When Hafiz “Daddy Fidz” Rehan ventured into the field of streaming in June 2018, he felt the world of streaming was not just sitting in front of a computer and playing games without direction. However, the longer he has been streaming, the more fans and spectators present enlivened the atmosphere. Thus, He started a community now known as the Wadap Gang.

WADAP’s trademark is no longer unfamiliar among streamers and among Malaysians, the sentence WADAP has to some extent changed the way of conversation between gamers and strengthened the relationship between community members and other gamers

Why Wadap Gang?

Wadap Gang has successfully generated a community with over 5 thousand Followers across Social Media platforms and has Over 6 teams representing esports in Valorant, Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legend: Wild Rift and Mobile Legend: Bang Bang.

“Our strength lies not only in who leads it but it also lies in all the members of the community who sincerely want to develop Wadap together and play together”- Daddy Fidz.

So Wadap’s goal is to develop a community of gamers and streamers in Malaysia, as well as become a gaming platform brand.

Wadap is a platform for gamers meet and play together as a team without any conditions.

As we grow with all our members, we also facing a lot of obstacles and challenges along the way.

One of the challenges that we had is we need a lot of funding for us to go further, and we do need all the support we can get from anyone and everywhere. So in order to fulfill our target, we come up with an idea for you to grow with us, as our PATRON, with all the perks, and benefits.

Wadap, Growing in Numbers

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